Car loan

Need money for a new car?

A car loan is a personal loan granted for the special purpose of purchasing a new or secondhand car. If you have a need for financing a car purchase, a car loan will be the quickest and most reliable option. It usually has lower interest rates compared to unsecured loans.

Whether you are a PAYG employee or a self-employed business owner,  our specialists have tailor-made products for you, with the lowest interest rate and a fast approval.

In most cases, we are willing to lend 100% of the vehicle price with no upfront deposit required. Lenders simply use the vehicle as collateral to secure the loan.

Assessment criteria are various according to the type of loans:

  • Consumer Loan

  • Novated Lease

  • Lease

  • Hire Purchase

  • Chattel Mortgage

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Equipment Finance

Equipment financing is a type of small business loan that is specifically designed to purchase the necessary machinery and equipment to run your business. It could be used  for purchasing anything from office furniture and medical equipment to agricultural machinery. It is lending secured on the underlying assets being acquired.

Also, Debt financing for your equipment such as computers and other technology that will become obsolete in a short period of time, allows you to have the necessary existing use to grow your business and quickly upgrade to newer technology to keep your competitive advantages. In Australia, more than 60%  SMEs use equipment finance to fund purchases. 

Whether you are starting a Café that needs coffee machines, or a business needs to upgrade the computers, KBRZ loans provide you the most suited loan option with a simple application process and low-interest rates. 

Advantages of using equipment finance:


  • regular repayments for easy budgeting


  • you choose how the finance is structured

Tax benefits

  • claim an input tax credit, and  claim interest& depreciation charges

Types of equipment finance :



 It helps you keep your options open when you acquire an asset,by not committing yourself to ownership

Hire Purchase

A simple, proven way to finance the acquisition of equipment and machinery for your business.

Chattel Mortgage


The finance provider uses the car or equipment you get as security for your loan, until the loan is fully repaid