K Loan - Private Lending

Whether you are buying your home, a seasoned or first-time property investor, our K-Loan feature packed lending solution could help you achieve your goal.

Variable Rate

2.59% - 3.94% p.a.
About 3.29% Comparison Rate

 Fixed  Rate

2.37% - 4.37% p.a.
About 3.09% Comparison Rate

  • $50K – $1.5 M per loan

  • ​Max 30 years Loan Term

  • 5 years Interest only periods

  • Free Internet & Mobile banking

  • No hidden charges

  • For PAYG & Self-employed people

  • $50K – $1.5 M per loan

  • Max 30 years Loan Term

  • 5 years Interest only period

  • Free Internet & Mobile banking

  • No hidden charge

  • For PAYG & Self-employed people


Email info@kbrz.com.au or dial  1300 588 978 or 400 997 1889

Up to 90% LVR loans

Non-residents loans

Max 65% LVR for Non-residents

Fixed rate available post settlement​

For both owner occupied & investment purpose​

Approve letter disbursed in 5 business days with Full documents 

Self managed Business Loan 

Incredible interest rates

What is Private Lending?

Private lending can be called asset lending. As private lenders lend money with a focus on the value of an asset, unlike traditional banks lenders lend money focus much on borrowers' income serviceability. When the sophisticated borrower is not able to borrow money from traditional banks, a private lender loan would be an applicable alternative


As a Private lender loan has real estate backed. It comes in the forms of 1st or 2nd ranked mortgages. Thus the costs would vary, 2nd ranked mortgage generally costs more due to its higher risk level. The type of asset to be secured can usually be residential, commercial real estate, vacant land, industrial property, and so on. The maximum LVR is 65% to 90% subject to the type of asset. A private lender loan is also a  popular solution for clients who may only need the money for the short term.

Private lending is unregulated by the National Consumer Protection Act. This does not mean that it tends to behave unethically. But it is vital to make sure the private lender you are engaging with is reputable. As  a member of ASIC , our goal is to be the ethical lender in the industry. 

FAQs about K-loan private lending

Q1. Is private lending secured or unsecured?

  • Private lending is definitely secured. Contrary to popular belief, private lending in Australia is secured as they are governed and regulated by law and practices. With KBRZ, we can provide consultation sessions with a reputable mortgage broker who is safe and legitimate.

Q2. Do I need security for a loan?

  • Typically, yes! In most cases, we required our clients to provide their property as part of their security. Equity from your property will be able to borrow against it.

Q3. For what purpose can I use k-loan private lending?

  • For the vast majority of the time, private lending is needed for business purposes. It includes a range of activities such as purchasing a commercial property, starting a new business, paying out debt and etc. However, at KBRZ, K-loan private lending is provided to clients that are looking to invest or purchase in a residential investment property or owner-occupied residential property.

Q4. How does k-loan private lending work?

  • Private lending provides funds to the borrower based on the borrower’s security. Our credit analyst will check the security provided by the clients and decide what and how the best alternative payment is to be repaid.

Q5. Is it true that private lending is unregulated and more akin to loan sharks?

  • This is not true. Private lending is indeed unregulated by the national consumer protection act. However, this does not mean it is unethical. At KBRZ, most of our private lenders are run by fund managers who have clear set processes, a credit assessment team and other checks. Thus, it is important to make sure that the private lender that you are engaging with are reputable and ethical.