Home Loans

KBRZ has years of experience in mortgage services, allowing the company to establish mature financing channels and customer networks, as well as accreditations with multiple reliable Australian financial institutions. KBRZ endeavours to provide high-quality home loans for customers with domestic and foreign residencies. Flexibility, comprehensiveness and low rates are our competitive edges.

Commercial Loans

We operate a mortgage-based loan that provides efficient and practical solutions to commercial borrowers. The service offered by our professional team is not limited to a loan intermediary, but also includes comprehensive financial consultations so that we advise easier and more convenient solutions to our clients.

Commercial Loan Products Overview
Land Loan
Building Loan
Loan Types

Emergency loans / Bridging loans

for clients with urgent needs for funds who cannot wait for the regular bank verification period of 4-6 months 


Proportional to asset value loans

for clients who purchased property at a price lower than the market price but wishes to revaluate their property in hope of a higher loan amount 


Refinancing loans

for clients with existing mortgage or a caveat loan close to maturation, or loans on default with large amounts of default interest payable in need of urgent refinancing


Business purpose loans

for clients in urgent need of funds for the successful negotiations of business opportunities 

Development purpose, short term loans

for developers in need of short to medium term loans to complete their existing projects

Building loans

for developers who wish to complete their existing projects

Asset gross value loans

for clients in need of urgent funds, wishing to use their property as collateral

Loan Approval Process


After the client provides relevant documents, we will reply within 1-2 working days regarding whether loans can be offered at corresponding interest rates.


As soon as the loan is determined as viable, we will send the loan application form and due diligence fee receipts to the client. These forms would need to be completed and returned as soon as possible. 


Upon receiving the due diligence fee, the loan will take 3-5 working days to be verified and approved by the investment committee. A conditional contract will be sent to the client upon approval. 


When all conditions are satisfied, a final offer will be sent to the client. After signing and paying all relevant fees, the loan will be arranged within 1-3 working days.

Phone (Australia): 1300 588 978

Phone (China): 400 997 1889
Email: info@kbrz.com.au