Home Loan

Whether you are planning to buy a home or make an investment in real estate, our Home Loan services could be a good choice.

Types of home loan services we offer:

K Loan - Private Lending 

K Direct - Direct Lending

Reasons for choosing KBRZ home loan products (Our benefits): 

  •  Multiple relationships with more than 30 banks and other institutions to help you structure the loan and get the best deal

  •  We offer a flexible rate

  •  Home loan LVR can be reached to 97%

  •  100% LVR for your investment property loans

  •  Professionals (such as doctors, accountants, solicitors…) are eligible for 90% LVR without paying Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)

  •  85% LVR for non-professionals

  •  Waived application fee

Materials need to prepare for home loan:

1. Conditional approval

It is suggested to get conditional approval/pre-approval from a lender before buying the property, to better understand debt capacity.


2. Valuation report

It provides a professionally certified valuation of your property and the maximum loan amount you can borrow.


3. Credit report

You can get a free credit report with credit score every 3 months. Knowing credit scores enables you negotiate for better terms with lender. Regularly checking your credit score can help you identify mistakes of credit loss (such as accidentally missing a payment).


4. Whether or not in good financial health

We can check your current home loan health. It is strongly suggested that clients contact us to learn latest market information. We can check whether your interest payment is still reasonable according to your current situation.