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Wealth Management

About Us

KBRZ was established in 2014 and has become one of the fastest-growing wealth management companies in Australia. With an official Australian Financial Service License, Australian Credit License, and Australian Real Estate License and more than six years of experience in find management and property investment, we have enabled clients to successfully increase their wealth. Over the years of operation, we have accumulated an investment portfolio of over 150 million Australian Dollars.

Invest in KBRZ Managed Fund

KBRZ Managed Fund aims to provide investors with premium opportunities to invest in the Australian Mortgage market. KBRZ Capital Management Pty Ltd, having an in-depth understanding of the Australian mortgage lending market, we are able to provide the best investment option that fits your risk appetite.

KBRZ Managed fund platform is based on the following foundations

  • Team: KBRZ has a local and international property and credit team with experienced audit, compliance, investment, risk, legal, finance and operations professionals.

  • Deal sourcing and due diligence: KBRZ's access to a network of developers, builders and project marketers provides clients with comprehensive due diligence aspects and first-hand access to quality projects and guarantees.

  • Quarterly fund reporting: we provide regular updates to our investors, with audited figures. 


KBRZ managed fund advice 

Our managed fund service is designed to have our clients as a priority of everything.


Before we manage clients' fund, knowing their current financial position and vision for the future are the very first tasks to build their wealth. Alongside our experienced and professional wealth management advisors at KBRZ, it will put together a highly tailored wealth management package that can achieve their financial long-term goals.


Valuable wealth advice will be provided to make smarter decisions in an efficient and effective way.


Whether our clients are starting a business, buying a new property, transferring business to their next generation as they prepare for retirement, the need of wealth plan is very significant. Financial services provided at KBRZ will create the best possible roadmap for our client’s life that adapts over time to help them achieve their excellent financial goals and protect their legacy.


When our clients achieve their goals, they are more delighted with our service in geared to bring them a financial success. We do this in line with their goals and comfort level with risk. KBRZ will always put our clients first to deliver the service that will get them closer to their goals.  

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