K Direct - Direct Lending

1st Mortgage

8% - 12% p.a.
6 - 12 months

 2nd  Mortgage

1.5% - 2.5% p.m.
3 - 6 months

  • $500K – $5M per loan

  • Up to 70% LVR - residential property

  • Up to 65% LVR - commercial property

  • 24 hours approval

  • No credit scoring

  • Disbursed in 5 Business Days

  • No monthly fee and hidden charges

  • $500K – $2M per loan

  • Up to 80% LVR -residential property

  • Up to 75% LVR -commercial property

  • 48 hours approval

  • No credit scoring

  • Disbursed in 5 Business Days

  • No monthly fee and hidden charge


Over AU$150 mil loans Australia wide

Fast approvals

Self managed Business Loan 

Incredible interest rates

Up to 95% LVR loans

Non-residents loans

SMSF loans

Bad credit home loans 

Email info@kbrz.com.auor dial 1300 588 978 or 400 997 1889

Why choose KBRZ

At KBRZ we aim to distinguish ourselves with our speedy quote processing. To help clients enjoy greater profits, we are offering both 1st and 2nd mortgages for clients who need that extra bit of financial freedom. With options for higher LVR's* and highly competitive rates*, we aim to provide unique financial solutions that are tailored for our clients, all done through a fast and minimal hassle process. 

Our Advantage:

 -We are an industry recognised non-bank lender with proven track records
- We deliver with speed and efficiency to secure your business opportunities
- We tailor each funding solution to meet your unique needs
- We offer flexible terms with transparency, no hidden fee 

Best Interest Duty Policy (BID)


Best Interest Duty (BID) is a term defined in the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (Cth) (Credit Act) The best interests’ obligations applys to KBRZ Loans Pty Ltd “mortgage brokers, which means:

KBRZ Loans Pty Ltd BID covers ONLY any loan where the credit is provided wholly or predominantly for personal, domestics or household purposes, or to purchase, renovate or improve residential property for investment purposes, , or to refinance credit previously provided for this purpose, including asset finance to consumers. Noted, excludes business purpose loans.

A credit representative who carries on a business of providing credit assistance in relation to credit contracts offered by more than one credit provider that are secured by mortgages over residential property. And does not perform the obligations or exercise the rights of a credit provider in relation to the majority of those credit contracts.

Key Points of BID

  1. KBRZ Loans Pty Ltd must always act in the best interests of clients in relation to credit assistance and contracts;

  2. KBRZ Loans Pty Ltd needs to avoid conflicts of interest when suggesting financial products;

  3. Where there is a conflict of interest, KBRZ Loans Pty Ltd must give priority to clients in providing credit assistance concerning  credit or loan contracts.

Expectations of BID

  1. To comply with the Conflict Priority Rule (CPR)

  2. To resolve conflicts in the interest of the clients, demonstrated by disclosure and articulation of consumers benefits

  3. Providing information and suggestions to consumers to show the transparency.

  4. To demonstrate knowledge, skills, and qualifications with the objective to deliver outstanding solutions for clients

  5. To support communities and be environmentally responsible

  6. To respect and maintain privacy

Steps to Meet BID


Gathering Information


Disclosure, Present information and recommendations


​Educate the consumer to make informed decisions

  • Making recommendations would usually include suggesting that a client apply for a particular credit contract, thus, involve credit assistance, includes making recommendations or assisting the client to refinance an existing loan. 

For every service we provide

  1. How the products  meet the client’s needs, goals, priorities, and preferences.

  2. To compare packaged products to individual home loans without other packaged credit products like credit cards.

  3. Whether advising the clients take out that product, as part of a package, would be in the client’s best interests, and why is that.

Our Promotions

  • If the costs or savings of a promotional offer is quantifiable, we consider it as part of the cost analysis of the credit product.


Promotional offers includes:​​


Cash rebate 


Waived or reduced fees; 


Discounted interest rate

Refinance Comparisons

  1. Complete the Cost Benefits analysis involving total costs over the new loan term

  2. List all the benefits clients receives from refinancing

  3. Clearly explain and justify the rationale to clients, once benefits not quantifiable